Sunday, September 15, 2019
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  • Dance Classes

    Dance Classes

    This is where we really really excel. Our teachers will have you leaping about like you could never believe and having an absolute riot while doing so. It has to be fun and it also has to be easy. Ice breaker classes at weddings are an absolute must! Charleston for your Hen do what a blast! Challenge your staff at a corporate day, Informative and invigorating! the lsit goes on and on but the one thing you will get is a completely unique dance experience and if you have any reservations or negative preconceptions then we will have you roaring with laughter so you can learn to move your body!
  • DJ's


    All our Dj's have huge music collections and are just itchig to play sounds at your party. 50's Rock n roll or 50's R and B, Swing classics, Charleston tunes, Neo-swing Retro-Swing ElectroSwing, Crooners, Rat Pack, Big Band - ooh there are so many styles with in each genre. We can also mix all those up so you can dance Balboa, Lindy Hop, Charleston or Jive until your heart's content. How Magic!
  • Swing Dancers

    Swing Dancers

    If you would like Dance performance at your event or would like to perform yourself then we can taylor our perrformances to fit differing spaces and lengths of time. We have performed at Private Parties, Corporate events, Charity Galas, Festivals, Theatres, opening nights, and in Videos.
  • Parties


    Well if it's a party you would like us at then all you Have to do is call or email. We have been involved in parties with themes as diverse as Space, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, the 50's, the 20's, Prohibition, Grease, RocknRoll, just to mention a few. Of course it can just be a special Birthday or celebration. We can come and teach some fun dance lessons and play music or if it's required we can bring sound systems and set up your party for you.
  • Events


    We run many events each year for ourselves and often we are asked to take on an event for a customer. These have varied from Book launches to retirement parties to weddings to corporate days. We love getting into something new in an old kind of way and so if you have an event you would like to chat to us about then please do get in touch.

A quick Nod to exciting things we have in the pipeline.

A whole weekend of Dance

Taking place on the last Bank Holiday in May. JATW is full of Bands and dancers and Non-dancers and vintage fashionistas and teachers and circus skills and brilliant music and a relaxed atmoshere.

We could go on and on about how great this event is and how much we love it but really if you've been you know how fantastic it is and if you haven't then you need to take the plunge and join in with all the lovely people to experience a weekend of bygone lovelyness.

Brief Event Details

Venue: Dowty Sports Club Staverton Gloucestershire GL2 9QD


Tickets: Whole weekend, Day Trippers and Evening.


Dates: 24-26th May 2019

Can't make this year then reserve next year
22-24th May 2020.


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What Our Clients Say

  • What a great class we have done Lindy Hop with other teachers but this was something else. Really really learnt a huge amount and understood things that had been mystifying me. Can't wait for next week!

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